Monday, April 25, 2016

Missionary Monday

The best thing about Monday's is that we hear from Elder Wood.  He has had his challenges over the past few months, but he manages to get through them and move on.

Today's email was HIGHLY ANTICIPATED as he was going to give us the news on his transfer.
Because of the weather in the Houston area, transfers were delayed.
I hoped that he could survive another five days with his companion....he was definitely ready for a change.

Not to gloat - but I had guessed where he would be going.  (You can ask Evan and Preston). 

Lake Charles, Louisiana is his new home.  He is excited. 
NEW CITY (he is in Heaven with Chik-fil-a and Target). 
Legit ward with kids.

The new area will be an adventure.  The city is 47% white and 47% black. 
It is on higher ground (13 feet above sea level).
They drive a Toyota Corolla to their area and then bike. (I hope they park their car in a safe place)
It will be a hot humid summer.

Here are a couple of pictures of the flooding from last week in the Houston area. By the way, the temple does NOT have a reflecting pond.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Tennis and the Gospel Make the Best Team

Elder Wood has become quite the missionary.

This past week he had the opportunity to baptize Quiana and Roger (Mom and Son) in the small town of Cleveland, Texas.

The contact with Quiana came from playing tennis with her on her grass.  It was probably not the best "court" to play tennis.  But it was the best "court" to break the ice with Quiana!

I love how he gave props to the missionaries who first contacted her in Charleston, South Carolina 8 years ago!

I love how he has kept his sense of humor - destroying pants and bike tires along the way - and being attacked by inbred Dogs.

I love how he has eaten anything placed on his plate - from raccoon - to frog legs - to shrimp and corn.

I love how he is so into missionary work that he hasn't hardly asked about Tennis - specifically his future wife - Maria.

I love how he deals with the insults being thrown his way by random people.

I guess I just love that baby boy of mine!

Footnote:  There were some issues with Quiana.  Let's just say, they found a lost sheep and baptized her son. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Big Day is Almost Here!

It's strange, but the last entry on the blog was about Meranda's engagement. Now, the wedding is just 3 days away.

It has been fun planning the wedding - she is my only daughter and I want the memories to last the rest of her life!  We haven't had any major meltdowns.  Meranda is level headed and has made decisions that are her - not just because she is supposed to do certain things. 

For example, she is not having a "throw away bouquet" - she said she thinks they are dumb!
When asked how many bridesmaids - she politely said - I'm not having bridesmaids.
When asked if she is having her nails done...the answer is no - I've never had my nails done.
When asked who is doing her hair and makeup - the simple answer - I am.
When asked if she is excited - she said - sure - but it's just another "life-step" - she is ready for marriage!

Things have pretty much gone according to plan.  Now we just wait for the day and hope everything comes together which requires relying on the tables, chairs, lighting, being set up at the Salt Lake Hardware Building...the caterer showing up and being ready...the cake getting there without tipping over...the florist delivering the bouquet to the temple and arranging the flowers for the reception...the photographer getting some really great pictures...and of course hoping that guests will come and enjoy the day/evening with us (that is probably the thing I stress out about the most).

It's unfortunate that her Grandma Huber and Grandpa and Grandma Wood won't be there - but I know they will be there in spirit.

It's unfortunate that Parker won't be there.  He wanted her to get married before he left.  I miss him being around.  But, we sent him a tie to wear to match the guys - and we will flood him with pictures!

Here is a picture that I took the day of her "formal/bridals"...

I think she looks gorgeous!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Meranda and Pedro

Congratulations to Meranda Kay Wood and Daniel Pedro Sanchez, Jr. on their engagement.

Set your calendar for Saturday, February 20, 2016.

They are so excited and have a great adventure ahead of them.

I'm excited to plan a wedding.

Parker won't be here for the wedding, but OF COURSE he has asked for a life size cutout to stand in his place.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Bond is Strong

We get together at least once a year with 3 of my friends (and their husbands) that I met almost 30 years ago when I started working in public accounting in the Big 8 firm of Coopers & Lybrand.

The year was 1986.  When I joined the firm, there were 2 women in the audit department - Cheri and Barb.  Cheri was married - a U of U grad.  Barb was single - a BYU grad. I started in January 1986 (as an intern) together with Kristi (a recent BYU grad).

It was difficult to enter a male dominated work force.  It was hard.  There were things said, situations we were put in, challenges we faced every day. We often met in the woman's restroom for pep talks and therapy sessions.

Last night was one of those good therapy sessions.  Our husbands still couldn't believe the "crap" we had to deal with.

I know that women today are still faced with the same issues.  You see it in the news every day.  I know a lot of people don't believe it or don't want to believe it happens, but it does. 

I know that women have become stronger.  They are more confident and even more determined to be treated as an equal.  

We are still a long ways away - I see it even today with my own work situation. I like to think that what we went through in 1986 in some small way helped pave the way for other women who wanted to get an education, who wanted to have a career, who wanted to become a wife and mother.

Last night it became clear why the four of us have remained friends.  We have supported each other through good times and bad.  Balancing work - marriages - motherhood - becoming a widow and single mom - marriage of our children - sending missionaries out into the field - becoming grandparents - losing our own parents. 

We bonded years ago and that bond is still very strong!

Monday, September 14, 2015

He's a missionary!

Parker survived the 12 days in the MTC and is on to Houston!
He woke up at 2:40 a.m. to report to the front desk by 3:30 a.m.
They bused them to the Provo Frontrunner Station.  He said it took forever to get from Provo to the airport. He called us from the airport at 7:30 a.m. and we talked for 40 minutes.

He is excited but also a little nervous.

He didn't ask about the US Tennis Open - but I was ready - I even wrote the names of the winners on the women's side.  He was disappointed that I didn't watch any of the matches.  I told him I couldn't even remember which channel was the Tennis Channel - I didn't know they were on ESPN.  Hopefully he will meet someone in Houston that can keep him posted on Tennis - because I don't think I will do a very good job.

There are 24 missionaries going to T.H.E. Mission.
He said he talked with a group going to Lithuania today.  He told them to tell Elder Petersen "Hi" from his big redheaded cousin.

He says he still can't believe he is a missionary.
He loved his district in the MTC.
He is ready and I know he will do the best he can!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Signed, sealed, delivered!

The missionary is finally on his mission.
He is such a good boy!
He says the hardest part will be living in Provo for a 12-14 days.
Our house is so quiet and we actually got to bed on Wednesday night before midnight.
I just wish he could call/text me and tell me about his companion, the food, his day...I guess I'll find out eventually.

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